Toronto Woman Wins CA$60 Million Lotto MAX Jackpot

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After playing for 20 years with the same number combination, a Toronto woman finally struck it rich, winning a CA$60 million Lotto MAX jackpot.

A 57-year-old Toronto woman, Deng Pravavtoudom, who has been consistently playing the lotto for the past 20 years, using a combination of numbers that her husband saw in a dream, finally had her time to shine.  Pravavtoudom, who played the Lotto MAX last December, struck the jackpot and, with it, an enormous cheque worth CA$60 million.

Pravavtoudom moved to Canada in 1980 from Laos, having had very little at the time and being supported by a local church.  After a 40-year career as a general labourer, she was retrenched last spring due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Despite this setback, Pravavtoudom continued to play the lotto with the same combination of numbers that she used for over 20 years.

A Winning Story

Earlier this month, Pravavtoudom went to her local mall in North York to check her latest Lotto MAX ticket.  After realising that she had won a free play, she decided to add encore.  A few days later, she was in utter disbelief after learning that her ticket was worth CA$60 million.

According to Pravavtoudom, she was “ecstatically happy and crying at the same time” when she learned of her fortunate situation.  The lucky winner pointed out that she prayed for a blessing all her life and that this win is a dream come true.

The money won will go towards the building of a new house, paying off existing bills and helping out other family members, as well as travelling around the world once the pandemic is over.  As a personal treat to herself, Pravavtoudom will be purchasing some diamonds.

A Fortunate Fortune Cookie

Late last year, five co-workers from Brampton each won CA$2,8 million from Lotto 6/49, after using a number combination found inside a fortune cookie.  The quintet played the same game for close to eight years, before lady luck finally looked down on them on 24 October, awarding them with a grand prize of CA$14 million.

Despite there being no winner of the Lotto MAX CA$50 million jackpot in the last draw, one of the Maxmillion prizes went to a ticket holder in Ontario.  Both of the Maxmillion prizes are estimated at over CA$1 million.

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