Top Tips for Gambling in Countries Where it is Illegal

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While it might be illegal to gamble in some countries, there are ways to circumvent existing regulations occasionally.

Although it’s completely legal to gamble in Canada and most other “western” countries, there are still many places worldwide where wagering is strictly prohibited. If you are an avid gambler but find yourself in one of the countries or jurisdictions where gambling is not allowed, there are a few ways you could get around the local gambling laws.

1. Identify the Legal Type of Gambling

Although some forms of gambling might be banned where you live, others are acceptable. For example, casinos might be outlawed in a particular country, although betting on horses or greyhounds is acceptable. You will need to research the laws of the country you visit to understand which forms of betting won’t get you into trouble.

2. Charitable/Social Betting

Social bets are permitted in most places, with small groups occasionally getting together to bet on card games or make spur-of-the-moment wagers on sports events. However, if these get-togethers occur too regularly, they could be considered illegal gambling, so it’s essential to be careful.

In some countries, activities geared toward charitable causes that resemble gambling are legal. In some areas, bingo and lotteries are acceptable forms of gambling that can be enjoyed legally by all.

3. Illegal Gambling Rings

While everyone knows that gambling rings are illegal, they are still quite widespread if you know where to look. The rings might often be located in private homes or other enclosed spaces that look inconspicuous.

A gambling ring employs a head bookmaker, a site operations manager, and a bookkeeper that handles bets, debts, and transactions. Illegal gambling rings require adequate finance to cover their clients’ bets and are often set up behind facades of legitimate businesses.

Bets can be placed by those in the know using several methods, such as websites with secret logins or via telephone. Of course, placing wagers at an illegal gambling ring can be risky since these are unregulated, and there are no guarantees that you’ll get your winnings paid out. Because they are also a focal point for police, any transactions with these organisations could leave you liable for prosecution.

4. Online Gambling

Although several countries have banned online gambling, their citizens still register at offshore online casinos. Usually, the government turns a blind eye to this kind of betting, so, as long as the casino accepts players from that country, this is one of the simplest and most convenient ways to wager.

5. Crossing the Border

If you live close enough to a state border and the neighbouring country happens to have legalised gambling, you could simply hop over and place your wagers there. If you don’t live close enough to do this regularly, you could make your next trip a short break or simply make gambling the sole purpose of your next holiday by choosing a destination where wagering is legal.

6. Gambling on Fantasy Sports

In those countries where gambling is illegal, one way to get a wagering fix is to log onto a fantasy sports website. Wagering on these sites is entirely legal because fantasy sports are categorised as games of skill.

7. Betting Among Friends

In some places, betting privately while visiting friends is common practice, even when gambling is illegal in that country. While it may be against the law, players are seldom prosecuted for participating in this activity.

8. Find a Legal Casino Close to Home

For those who live in the US and in a state where gambling is prohibited, there are often Native American casinos nearby or even cruise ships casinos that sail in international waters to cater for keen gamblers who are restricted by laws back on land.

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