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They say that knowledge is power, and what better way to brush up on your wagering skills than by grabbing some top gambling books on Amazon.

The notion of spending your money wisely is more relevant than ever in today’s day and age. And what better way to blow some buck than by investing in literature, and more specifically, gambling books that you can find on Amazon

Deciding on the right book or eBook that piques your interest is made easier with first-hand user ratings and objective comments. So, without further ado, here’s our recommended list of must-have gambling books that you can purchase on Amazon:

1. Essential Poker Math (Expanded Edition)

Alton Hardin’s objective is simple: to provide poker players with skills to improve performance at a game that heavily relies on math. If you’re a poker fan but you’re not too enthusiastic about mathematics, this book is for you. The storyline makes the subject matter accessible and less intimidating. Hardin also helps you understand the fundamentals and develop a method to the madness.

The new book edition boasts 150 pages of new content. It contains many highly detailed scenarios for players to visualise, including poker hands that you can use to apply various techniques. The top gambling resources address multiple aspects of wagering since the content has to be updated as rules, technology, and practices change.

For this reason, Hardin added four new chapters in this book version. These resources maintain relevance through new material and an additional bonus asset: enrolment in an accompanying eLearning online training course.

2. How to Win the Lottery with the Law of Attraction

In this book, Eddie Coronado discloses techniques for winning the lottery by harnessing the power of positive thoughts. Here are a few of the book’s features:

  • The script is well organised and contains four segments: specific techniques used by real winners, general manifestation techniques, a Q&A section, and suggestions for how to implement and maximise results.
  • You get “the real deal”, with Coronado incorporating much of the expertise of four actual individuals.
  • The tools discussed can be applied universally. If you’re not simply looking at winning the lottery, this can be something that you can integrate into your daily life.
  • Start here if you’re curious and open to new things that you can use positivity to your advantage.

3. Hoyle’s Rules of Games

Some books cover an extraordinary scope, and then there are ones that do way more than that. Albert H. Morehead, Philip D. Morehead, and Geoffrey Mott-Smith’s reference guide details over 250 games, with various ageless classics and more contemporary alternatives.

Back in 1742, Edmond Hoyle, an expert on the English card game whist, published an essential book on the game of bridge. Over the centuries, this and other games rose to prominence and continued to evolve. Hoyle’s insight lives on in this book with information regarding strategies, rules, and mathematical odds. The guide is flaunted as the most comprehensive one of its kind, easy to grasp and suitable to bridge the generational gap between various old and new games.

4. A Man for All Markets

If Hoyle was the 18th century expert on bridge, Edward O. Thorp is the foremost authority on card-counting in blackjack. A brilliant math professor, Thorp never did things “just for the money.” He was an academic bent on experimentation and statistics, and his goal was more significant than simply beating the casinos at their own game.

Ultimately, Thorpe wanted to establish scientific proof that card counting actually worked – and he succeeded. The effects of his investigations were widespread: it gave players strategies for counting cards, which resultantly forced casinos to alter their rules and security systems.

Thorp did the unthinkable and turned the entrenched concept of “the house always wins” on its head. This book follows his personal journey. He unequivocally made history, changed the entire course of blackjack evolution, and, given his reputation, Thorp’s work speaks for itself.

5. Learn How to Increase Your Chances of Winning the Lottery

In this book, Richard Lustig offers ways to increase your winning chances at the lottery. Lustig’s book has earned mixed reviews. Although some readers say it lacks valuable information, more satisfied buyers felt it was clear and to the point. Suppose you’re looking for a short and straightforward book, then this one’s for you.

According to avid gambling readers globally, these books are some of the best that Amazon offers. Check out the books that resonate with you, and good luck with honing your newly found skills!

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