Top 5 Most Exotic Casino Destinations in the World

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We are well acquainted with renowned casino destinations such as Monte Carlo, Las Vegas and Atlantic City.  However, there are some lesser-known but just as exciting places to go and gamble, which we can categorise as the most exotic casino destinations in the world.

Everyone has heard of Monaco’s glitzy and plush gambling halls, as well as the neon-lit casinos lining in the famous Las Vegas Strip.  These gambling destinations have been around for decades and have, over time, established themselves as some of the most sought-after places for all things relating to gambling.

However, for more discerning gamers, there are destinations that lie beyond the paths less trodden.  Although not often at the tip of gamblers’ tongues, these exotic casino destinations offer the x-factor for their unusualness, providing far more than blackjack tables and rows upon rows of slot machines.

1. Alice Springs (Australia)

For those who wish to run away from it all, Alice Springs is the place to be.  Hidden inside the depths of the vast Australian outback and Isolated from other major cities by miles of desert, Alice Springs is the gateway to the Australian aboriginal culture.

An early morning ride can take you over the picturesque West MacDonnell mountains, while Uluru, the fabled red rock of aboriginal folklore, is also in close vicinity.  To top off your tour, make a pitstop at the local Crowne Plaza Hotel for some delicious cocktails and a round or two at the craps tables.

2. Cape Town and Sun City (South Africa)

Nestled at the foot of the mighty Tafelberg, or Table Mountain, Cape Town is one of the world’s most sought-after tourist destinations.  The city also boasts the sprawling GrandWest Casino and Entertainment World complex, where you can find any game to your liking.

And, for an authentic African experience, head off to the endless savannas of northern South Africa, where exotic wild animals inhabit the surroundings of Sun City.  Located inside a nature reserve, lucky tourists visiting Sun City can spot anything from a leopard to a lion.  There is also an exciting water world, as well as multiple casino venues spread across the resort.

3. Costa Rica

Costa Rica is a perfect blend of modern trappings and wild natural wonders.  With large swaths of the country classified as national parks, wildlife is the king here.  Tourists can often spot a jaguar roaming the bushes or a tree-dwelling spider monkey swinging from the top of the trees.  And, once you’ve had enough of the wild side, you can exchange the jungle canopy for canapes and a wide assortment of casino games at the Best Western Hotel & Casino Kamuk or Hotel Amapola.

4. Iguazu Falls (Argentina)

The best time of the year to visit this natural wonder is outside of the summer season, which falls between January and March each year.  For the remainder of the year, visitors can gape in awe at the magnificent waterfalls from specially constructed platforms suspended above the rocky cliffs.  And, once you’ve absorbed the outstanding natural beauty, head on over to Hotel Iguazu Grand Resort Spa & Casino, to continue with the excitement right into the night.

5. Macao (China)

Overlooking the South China Sea and 40 miles south of Hong Kong, lies Macao, the gambling powerhouse of the Asian continent.  The tiny autonomous region of China occupies a mere eight square kilometres.  However, the territory is jampacked with rich Portuguese colonial heritage that is imbued with Oriental zest.

The local gambling houses radiate glitz and glamour, while the territory boasts some of China’s best golden beaches.  There is a vast array of fusion cuisine restaurants for foodies, and the local hotels are renowned for being some of the most luxurious on the planet.

With so many gambling destinations to choose from, you might be left wondering where to head next once travel restrictions are lifted.  Visiting new places is always exciting and going to one of the most exotic casino destinations will sure keep you entertained while avoiding the droves of tourists that frequent the more known gambling haunts.

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