The Top 5 Casino Resorts and Hotels in the Caribbean

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There’s nothing more exciting than gambling in style, and when you can find a casino on an exotic island in the Caribbean, the fun is that much more palpable.

If you are looking for a perfect Caribbean casino, you need not have to roll the dice.  While the islands abound with casinos and gambling resorts, some have more superior offerings than others.

To help you in your decision making, we have made a list of the five top Caribbean gambling destinations currently trending.  These islands offer diversity and quality, as well as additional factors like good food, entertainment and accommodation options.

1. The Bahamas

The island of New Providence in the Bahamas has long been regarded as the gambling capital of the Caribbean, thanks to its pioneering Atlantis resort, although recently the selection got a bit better.  The unveiling of the Baha Mar, which can easily be classified as the Las Vegas of the Caribbean, has crowned the island nation’s capital, Nassau, as the centrepiece of the Caribbean casino industry.

Baha Mar covers an impressive 100,000 square feet of casino space and exudes high-end Las Vegas feel.  With such size and variety, Baha Mar has positioned itself as a leading Caribbean and a world casino destination.

2. Aruba

The Dutch Caribbean island of Aruba gets our stamp of approval for a remarkably diverse gaming offering, with different casinos peppered around every corner of the island.  There’s also a wide variety of hotels with casinos, ranging from budget accommodation to the more exclusive Ritz-Carlton, Hyatt and Renaissance hotels.  And, since most of the casinos are tied to resorts, it makes your gaming experience so much easier.  

3. Puerto Rico

The US protectorate of Puerto Rico is an understated gambling destination.  The old colonial town of San Juan has become a notable regional gambling destination, even though major gambling providers have still not descended on the area.

The casino options across the island capital abound, including the state-of-the-art Stellaris Casino attached to the San Juan Marriott Hotel.  There is also the elegant La Concha Casino in Condado, which is open 24/7.  Additionally, the El San Juan Casino should also be on your list, once it reopens.

4. Curaçao

Another Dutch possession in the Caribbean, the island of Curaçao is one of the best-kept secrets.  The island offers a range of gaming options, with the majority of casinos clustered in the charming administrative capital of Willemstad.

While casinos abound in the downtown area and beyond, such as the Marriott Hotel casino, the centrepiece of gambling action remains the Renaissance Carnival Casino.  Here, gamblers can spin the slots and bet at the tables until the early hours of the morning.  There are also ample shops surrounding the casino complex where you can spend a dime or two of your winnings. 

5. Martinique

While not many of us have considered Martinique as a gambling destination, the centre of the French Caribbean has a pair of high-quality casinos.  The best gambling houses are located on the outskirts of the capital city, Fort-de-France, and the tourist hub of Trois-Ilets.

The essence of French-styled gambling is proximity to good food and drinks at your casino, and all of the venues cater to your gastronomical desires.  Not to be missed is one of the Caribbean’s best rum bars located inside the Casino Trois-Ilets.

The Caribbean islands have long been known as top holiday destinations.  With the advent of the local gambling industry, these small territories have now got so much more to offer.  So, book your next holiday to the crystal blue waters and experience gambling in an exotic destination that will tantalise your senses.

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