PointsBet Canada Shifts Business Focus on Alberta

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PointsBet has indicated its commitment to continued expansion in Canada after showing interest in the Albertan market.

PointsBet continues to seek new markets in Canada by shifting its focus on Alberta’s online sports wagering. The company has indicated its willingness to explore the business potential of the Calgary-Edmonton Corridor and expand its online betting operations there.

PointsBet is an Australian online wagering company and is a major player in the US and global betting sectors. The company has produced a premium cloud-based wagering platform through which it provides sports betting services and advance deposit wagering products for racing and iGaming.

Benefits of Further Expansion

PointsBet Canada is keen to explore the Albertan market due to its large sports fan base and a business-friendly environment with competitive tax rates and a diversified workforce. Additionally, PointsBet’s unique use of its own technology would boost investments, operations, and job generation in the province.

CEO of PointsBet Canada, Scott Vanderwel, noted that the company’s mission is to create a Canadian sportsbook with employees from the local market. Vanderwel believes that the province has the potential and surplus of a highly-skilled workforce that can help the company establish itself as the top sports betting brand on the market.

Vanderwel added that besides the economic growth generated by iGaming, the province would garner more economic opportunities if it decided to open a regulated iGaming market, similar to the one in Ontario. In his words, this would lead to a level-playing field within a safe and regulated gaming environment.

Rick Christiaanse, CEO of Invest Alberta, commented that the province’s competitive business environment, talent pipeline, and unique infrastructure continue to position it as an international tech hub. Christiaanse also shared that the recently signed memorandum of understanding with PointsBet Canada will further help the bookmaker’s investment journey in Alberta and position the province as a sought-after destination for high-impact investment.

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