Most Unusual Things You Can Bet Your Money On

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Gambling extends far beyond the confines of casinos, with avid gamblers willing to place their bets on things that most of us would find unusual. 

The traditional notion of gambling being limited to the casino floor has become outdated.  Today, gamblers are free to place their bets on pretty much anything, from banalities like which bands will perform at the Oscars or the duration of specific TV commercials to more serious matters like the outcome of general elections.

While these bets are both fun and unusual, they are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the list of the most unusual things that punters can gamble on.

Here are a few whacky bets that people have put their money on:


In case ET doesn’t discover us first, you can place wagers on when you expect that humanity will encounter the third kind. Various bookmakers are offering gamblers the chance to win big money if they accurately predict the year when humans will come face to face with extraterrestrial beings.

Although it might seem silly now, when you think how close we are to sending humans to Mars or how many planets there are with the right conditions for life— it’s still a probable scenario that this might well happen in our lifetime! 


In 2017, Paddy Power set the odds for the end of the world before 2018 at 500-1. This meant that anyone who placed a CA$100 bet would win CA$50,000 if global destruction arrived before 1 January the following year.

 Other bookmakers have offered similar stakes for forecasting how the world will end, including a Martian invasion, global warming, asteroid collision, and a zombie apocalypse.

We’re not entirely sure how any winnings would be paid out should the world actually cease to exist. Not that moolah would matter by then anyway!

The Stock Market

The stock market is an everyday gamble for investors, but they’re not the only individuals who are drawn to risking a few dimes when the whole system goes pear-shaped. You need not look further than movies like The Big Short to realise how many people continue to make their fortunes through chancing on the stock exchange. 

Of course, we only recommend that you play the stock exchange game if you’re experienced.  Unlike sports betting or casino gambling, which both have their boundaries, a substantial crash in the stock market can earn you millions from one single wager.  

The Royal Family

When the British monarchy’s favourite sweethearts, William and Kate, announced the arrival of their first baby in 2012, bookmakers made a sizeable profit when millions of gamblers betted on the gender of the infant. Bets were also taken for guessing the name, date of birth, and weight of the newborn.

Other wagers you can place on the royals include the colour of the dress the Queen will wear to the Ascot, who will design her dress and any form of wedding predictions.

James Bond

The next instalment in the James Bond saga, No Time to Die, is scheduled to be released in September this year and will feature Daniel Craig in his final 007 movie. Though this might leave a few ladies disappointed, the news has generated a lot of speculation as to who the next James Bond will be.

Many bookies have already started taking bets for some of Britain’s best male actors, including Chris Hemsworth, Idris Elba, and Michael Fassbender.  So far, one of the favourites is the Thor villain, Tom Hiddleston, whose odds to become Bond are currently 9/2. 

Ferret Bingo

This new way of playing bingo first emerged in Leeds in 2008. A group of school kids came up with the idea when they created a box with openings on each side numbered one to eight.

To play, punters must bet on which tunnel they think the ferret will first come out of. Ferret Bingo became a craze after the kids’ genius bingo invention featured on the news. We’re unsure if the game will get the stamp of approval from the SPCA and make it to Canada any time soon, though!

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