Is Reno Cheaper and Better than Las Vegas?

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While Las Vegas has had the reputation of being the casino central of North America, others claim that Reno does the job just as well without all the unnecessary frills.

Since the 1940s, Las Vegas has been known as the playground of the stars, bringing together the rich and famous who have flocked to this desert oasis to gamble and have fun.  However, on the other side of Nevada lies Reno, which, according to many gambling enthusiasts, incorporates all the best aspects of Sin City, less the pretentiousness, VIPs, long lines, and crowds.

Here are some reasons why Reno comes on top in comparison to its more prominent neighbour:

The Slots Action

If you are a fan of slots, then you’d be pleased to know that Reno has got slots that are cheaper than any other place in Nevada, including Las Vegas. While Vegas has a variety of slots, which can cost you anywhere from a quarter to US$1000 on the VIP machines, Reno is peppered with penny slots that are located everywhere.

You can barely stroll down a street in Reno without spotting a penny slot, either in casinos, bars, restaurants, or hotels. Sure, you won’t hit it big on a penny slot and be able to retire, but you might get lucky enough to pay for a hotel room and a dinner.

Lower Levels of Seediness

While Las Vegas delights itself on its luxurious venues and entertainment, the town also has an alternate, seedier side that most of us are not excited about. Let’s face it, at some point, dealing with unpolished youngsters, barely old enough to drink, would wear thin after a while.

Are you looking to relax by the pool without the bouncing beats of DJ-curated EDM? Then Reno has you covered. You can skip the strip clubs and gropes from the girls and guys in for a convention. Reno has a far more family-oriented vibe. If you are searching for a place for you and the family to enjoy—Reno might be just the place for you.

History Buffs’ Bonanza

If you are a fan of history, you may want to make a stop at one of the venues where the silver rush was the king. The Comstock Lode was one of the most significant silver deposit findings in history and gave birth to a huge silver conurbation called Virginia City. In fact, there was so much silver in the Comstock Lode that its riches led to the growth of San Francisco. Virginia City is located 30 minutes from Reno and offers a step back in time for history fans.

The city itself is draped in rich history. Legend has it that Samuel Clemens, a Virginia native, who went by the pseudonym of Mark Twain, regularly passed through the town. The story goes that during one of his sojourns, Twain discovered a piece of a silver vein.  However, since he didn’t have the guile to work it, someone else ended up laying the claim to the silver deposit.

Today, Virginia City is home to gift shops, saloons, and ample photo booths, well worth a quick visit.

The Shows

Sure, Vegas has the shows, but Reno also attracts significant acts at half the price. Notable performers appearing in Reno include Lady Antebellum, Carrie Underwood, and Stevie Nicks. Also, while cocktails at a Vegas show venue would set you back a small fortune, the same cocktails can be enjoyed in Reno for a third of the cost. What’s not to love about that?

Recreation Options Abound

Because Reno is near Lake Tahoe, you can fish, hike, ski, or bike during the day and gamble your night away. While Las Vegas is, in a way, a one-trick-pony town, Reno is not. There are plenty of extramural activities to pursue if you wish to take a break from gambling. Should we also mention that one of the highest mountain ranges in the area is just minutes away from Reno?

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