How to Identify Rogue Online Casinos

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While the vast majority of online casino players see gambling as a fun pastime, the fact of the matter is that, in the end, the house will always win.

We’ve all heard the saying that the house always wins, and this tends to be the case with any game that you play.  Of course, if this were not true, there’d be no casinos left in business.

Naturally, within the chasms of an average gambling day, there will be that niche group of players that will walk away with more cash than they arrived with.  However, the vast majority of gamblers will leave with nothing.  And, there is nothing wrong with this.  All casinos operate under the premise that not all of us can be winners all the time.

However, the problem arises when an online casino starts adopting strategies that go beyond the confines of a standard house edge, to boost their profits.  Luckily for gamblers, there are very few casinos that actively engage in this type of dishonest practice.  Yet players should always be on the lookout for any dodgy dealings that might disadvantage their chances of winning.

Here are the two main strategies that online casinos employ to enhance their profits at the expense of the player:

The Bonus Trap

If you ask any gambler, there’s nothing that they love more than a nice juicy bonus.  After all, what can be wrong with getting an exciting welcome bonus or some VIP points to burn?  Remarkably, the answer is a lot.

Although there are no reliable figures, it can be assumed that, in the long run, close to half of all bonuses offered by online casinos decrease your chances of walking away with money.

How the Bonus Trap Works

Here’s a descriptive example of how a bonus trap works:

You receive a 250% bonus on your CA$100 deposit, play for a short period and hit a medium-sized jackpot.  Without the bonus, you would most likely be cashing out at that point and walking away with your winnings.  However, with the bonus, you are forced to place additional bets to the value of a couple of thousand dollars just so that you can make a withdrawal.  The most likely outcome of this is that by the time you reach those sums, you would have burned through your cash and your winnings completely.

Of course, the vast majority of casinos offers genuine bonuses that will prod you onwards.  The key is to spot the ones that are not good for your gameplay and avoid them.

Things to Look Out for With Bonuses

Here are a few factors to consider when playing with bonuses:

  • Make use of cashable bonuses only, and not the ones that get deducted after you complete the wagering
  • Use the lowest wagering requirements of below x40 bonus amount, as a general guide
  • Avoid games that have a maximum cashout limit, which limits your withdrawal amount even when you hit a jackpot

Protracted Withdrawal Times

Besides machinations with bonuses, online casinos also use increased withdrawal times to swing the odds in their favour.  While we all see withdrawal delays as an unavoidable nuisance, extending the withdrawal time is a favoured strategy that dubious online casinos use to amplify their profits.

You might be wondering what the difference is between a same day payout and the one taking place three days later.  The answer is simple – the longer you wait for your withdrawal, the higher the chances are of you reversing your winnings to play again.  Ultimately, this is a question of self-control, but most of us are often tempted to carry on riding the high wave of luck even after cashing out our big win.

The simple way to avoid this conundrum is to stick to casinos that not only promise to pay on time but actually do.  If you are unsure which casinos adhere to their payment policies, check out our comprehensive list of best online casinos in Canada that guarantee speedy and reliable payout times.

The chances of underhanded activities by reputable online casinos are close to zero.  Trustworthy online casinos all carry a certification from respectable gambling authorities and are subject to regular audits.  This curtails any activities that might reduce your chances of winning and walking away with your takings.

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