How to Get Married in Las Vegas the Quick and Easy Way

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Las Vegas handles more marriage applications annually than any other place in the US and is the most popular wedding destination in the country.

If you ask the employees at the Clark County offices, they’re sure to tell you that their hands are always full of marriage licenses.  And this comes as no surprise since Las Vegas is the most popular wedding destination in the country.  The fact that courthouses operate daily from 8 am to midnight makes getting married easy in Sin City.

Couples need to fork out US$80 for their license, and many chapels even provide transpiration to the court and back to expedite the procedures.  And, if you tie the knot late at night, Denny’s restaurant will give you a complimentary breakfast to start your first day of marriage on a positive note.

Spur-of-the-Moment Weddings

Some people realise they are in love and must get married on the spot, which is no problem in Vegas!  City representatives make it a snap to get married.  If you so desire, you can get hitched in the same chapel as your favourite sports or movie star.  Signs proclaiming: “Britney Spears Was Married Here,” or similar, are common.

Quickie weddings are so regular, there’s even a drive-through marriage window that operates 24/7.  They also offer an option whereby you can get married under a fake star-studded sky peppered with inspirational quotes while sitting in, no less, a pink Cadillac.

If that does not tickle your fancy, other options include getting hitched in the Fast Lane, which is a window where a couple can either drive through or walk up to it and get married for only US$199.  Pawnshops, too, are prominent in Sin City, and you can get married next to one featured on TV.

Until Death Do Us Part

Some Vegas marriages didn’t stand the test of time, with the record probably going to Britney Spears and Jason Alexander, whose matrimony lasted only 55 hours.  Going back a few decades, Frank Sinatra’s nuptials to Mia Farrow lasted two years.  But, getting wed in Vegas doesn’t necessarily mean the union will be short-lived.  Think about Joanne Woodward and Paul Newman, who were married until Newman passed away 50 years later.  Dorothea Hurley and Jon Bon Jovi got married 30 years ago in Sin City and are still married.

Bride and Groom Fashion

When you’re wondering how you’d get married in Vegas on such short notice, thoughts of securing a wedding gown and a tuxedo can add to your stress.  But rest assured – you are in the wedding capital of America, and everything you might need will be available.

Tuxedos and dresses are offered at some chapels if you are in a real hurry.  Otherwise, some places rent out these, such as Tux and Renta Dress.  These establishments’ claim to fame is that they will have you ready to walk down the aisle in less than an hour!  If you have more time and would like something to keep until the following day, the Cosmopolitan has a wide selection of well-known designer dresses for rent.

Of course, the ring is the focal point of the wedding.  Las Vegas has fine jewellers, such as Tiffany’s, that can accommodate any high roller wishing to profess their love to a potential life partner.  There are many other jewellery stores, too, to assist you in finding that perfect ring on any budget, regardless of how much time you have to shop.

The Finesse of Vegas

Not everyone is impressed by the notion of booking an Elvis impersonator for their wedding.  For them, Las Vegas has ample unique and elegant venues to choose from.  Wedding planners in Vegas are experienced in catering to wealthy clientele, so you’ll find it easy to hire a high-quality organiser.

More elaborate weddings require added preparation, and sometimes you must reserve the venue up to one year in advance.  A five-day package at the upmarket Wynn Las Vegas includes custom-made wedding rings from Cartier, a reception overlooking the golf course, and the use of a luxury ballroom for the after-party.

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