How to Carry Cash Safely Around Las Vegas?

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Carrying large wads of cash in major urban areas with plenty of people milling around can often lead to problems.  This is true for Las Vegas too, where ample money and people mingle daily.

Las Vegas is a city that is made of money.  Its casino industry is a drawcard for individuals with deep pockets and even bigger bank balances.  Every day, the city hosts hundreds of people who have won outrageous amounts of cash, as well as affluent tourists who roam its streets in search of venues where they can sink their money. 

Many of these people carry their cash on them, making them sitting ducks for pickpockets and more organised criminal gangs.  Subsequently, Sin City criminals have found a sweet spot for their activities, often managing to get away with their crimes because the victims never took any steps to prevent it in the first place.

Here are a few precautionary measures to take when carrying cash around Las Vegas that will help you safeguard your assets.

Make Credit Card Purchases     

The more you use your bank cards for payment, the better.   All gambling and entertainment facilities accept card payments, with exchange rates lower for those paying in forex than cash conversion charges.  The advantage of bank cards is that you can immediately cancel your card should you notice your wallet or purse was stolen.  The card, unlike cash, can be replaced within days without a cent going missing from your account.

Small Reserves of Cash

Always keep a small amount of money on you for things like tipping a waiter and getting street food and souvenirs.  Take all your spending money out before you depart Las Vegas to avoid transaction charges or exchange rates when withdrawing from ATMs. 

Use Travellers’ Cheques

If you are an old school tourist, you can bring along your travellers’ cheques, which are still accepted at many Las Vegas casinos and restaurants.  Travellers’ cheques can help you avoid hefty ATM charges and limits. 

Casino Credit Facilities

Most gamblers with a good track record can apply for a casino credit line, meaning that they can enjoy playing without making card payments or exchanging cash for chips.  As casino credit line approvals usually take some time, it’s advised that an application for this facility is made in advance before you visit a particular venue.

When applying, ensure that you have sufficient money in your bank account to match the sum of credit that you are asking for.  Should you have less money than the amount of credit that you seek, your application will be rejected after the casino performs a credit check.

Don’t Flaunt Your Wealth

If you score a big win at a Las Vegas casino, the last thing that you should do is go around and advertise it.  Never make it obvious for criminals that you are flush with moola unless you have a 24-hour team of bodyguards looking after you.  Things to avoid are flashy outfits and jewellery, as well as angry cars.

Wear Protective Clothing

If you need to take your cash with you, consider investing in a money belt, which can be hidden under your clothing.  Also, contemplate getting a second wallet, with one having a small amount of cash and acting as a decoy, while the other “main one” is stashed somewhere less conspicuous.

Make Use of Safes

Don’t assume that leaving cash in your hotel room is safe, no matter how exclusive the hotel might be.  Hotel staff have access to rooms at all times, and there have been instances where money got cleaned out with the room.  If there is a safe, always secure your cash and valuables in it, and only remove these once you are checking out.

Use Common Sense

The best way to maintain cash safe in Las Vegas is to keep it locked away in your bank account.  But if you need to carry it on you, do so with caution and always use common sense.  As much as you might want to have a great time, your vacation won’t be memorable if you come home broke and a victim of crime.

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