Fort Erie Race Track Imposes Full Vaccination Policy

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All spectators will soon be required to show proof of vaccination to gain entry into Fort Erie Race Track.

According to Fort Eerie Live Racing Consortium (FELRC), all spectators at Fort Eerie Race Track will need to present full proof of vaccination to gain entry onto the racetrack.  The move is in line with the local Reopening Ontario Act that requires all individuals to be fully vaccinated if they wish to attend horseracing events.

In compliance with federal regulation, a fully vaccinated person is the one who has received a full dose of one of the vaccines approved by Health Canada. Visitors can also be fully jabbed with vaccines not authorised by Health Canada, followed by a vaccine mRNA. These individuals must have received their final dose at least 14 days prior to attending an event.

Updated Measures in Place

FELRC chief financial officer, Tom Valiquette, recently stated that, in line with provincial regulation, visitors to the racetrack must be fully vaccinated if they wish to access live races. Valiquette added that this also applies to patrons who want to watch simulcasting racing at the Racebook.

The new rule will come into effect on 22 September.  The proof of vaccination is an emailed receipt or document provided by Ontario’s provincial government. Residents can either print or download their immunisation receipts from the local booking website. The vaccination proof doesn’t apply to individuals below the age of 18.

The province’s Ministry of Health informed that medical exemptions would be allowed (e.g., individual suffering from an allergic reaction to a vaccine component). Another exemption covers those individuals suffering from a heart condition following the first dose of a vaccine.

Individuals must provide written evidence completed by a registered nurse or a physician for the exemptions to be allowed. The document should state that the reason for not being vaccinated is due to a medical concern. In addition to visitors, all employees, horsepeople, and contractors will need to be vaccinated or participate in an enhanced screening programme.

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