Elements Casino Chilliwack Reintroduces Donations to Charities

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After a two-year hiatus, Elements Casino Chilliwack is, once again, making contributions to the local charity organisations.

It’s been two years since Elements Casino Chilliwack last donated money to local charities. However, the wait is over, with the casino recently making a payment of CA$192,560 to Knight Road Legacy Association (KRLA), a group of local charities in Chilliwack.

The Great Canadian Gaming Corporation operates Elements Casino Chilliwack. As with any other casino in the province, the casino has been heavily affected by the unprecedented situation caused by the worldwide pandemic. As a result, the casino remained closed for 16 months, from March 2020 until mid-2021. Now, the venue is almost back to normal and contributing to the local community again.

First Charity Cheque in Two Years

On 28 June 2022, the management of Elements Casino Chilliwack presented its first cheque to KRLA in more than two years. Shawn Duncan, the Great Canadian Gaming Corporation’s regional vice-president of operations, noted that the company is excited to continue contributing to local charities and maintain annual payments to the many dependant groups and non-profit organisations.

In his words, the local charities play a crucial role in Chilliwack’s economic and social welfare. Duncan added that community investment is a significant part of the company’s business model, and collaboration with KRLA exemplifies the company’s commitment to the Chilliwack economy.

The casino and KRLA signed a 20-year agreement almost ten years ago, through which the charities secured a share of all slot machine revenue which was to be distributed among 49 charitable and non-profit organisations. Following the agreement, the Chilliwack charities bagged more than CA$3,5 million worth of casino revenue, which was reinvested into the community.

Subsequently, this was the casino’s first payment to the Knight Road Legacy Association since March 2020. The last donation the group received then amounted to CA$669,005 and was a portion of the casino’s 2019 revenue. The charity group was also the original owner and operator of the Chilliwack Bingo.

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