Craziest Things Experienced by Las Vegas Casino Employees

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Over the years, Las Vegas casino staff have witnessed the craziest things and often more than they bargained for when they applied for the job.

There’s never a dull moment when you work at a Las Vegas casino.  Money makes people do crazy things, and nowhere is this more apparent than in Sin City.  Not surprisingly, almost every casino worker there has a funny or outlandish story to tell.   

Here are some of the most bizarre things experience by Las Vegas casino employees:

1. The Hostess that Jetted Off to Paris

Multimillionaires and billionaires regularly frequent the most famous casinos in Vegas. Mostly, these high rollers don’t come here to win but to have a good time. Some of them spend exuberant amounts of money and leave lavish tips for casino workers, and one lucky casino employee got to experience this first-hand.

A high roller hostess in a Las Vegas casino once had a billionaire player as a customer. According to her colleague, the billionaire enjoyed the casino’s doughnuts so much that he asked to take some with him back to Paris. However, the casino forgot to put the doughnuts on his plane.

To rectify the matter, the hostess was asked to take a dozen doughnuts and hop onto a private jet to deliver the tasty delicacies to the ravenous billionaire across the pond. And she did just that. To her delight, she was even allowed to spend a weekend in France, all expenses paid. Lucky girl!

2. The Drug-Snorting South Americans

With Las Vegas being the gambling centre of the United States, many people mistakenly believe that everything is permissible in the city, including drugs. A casino worker relates how he once came across a group of South American travellers snorting cocaine in the lift lobby of his casino.  When a concerned guest approached the reception to complain that a group of people were doing drugs in the foyer, the employee and a casino security guard went to investigate.

Sure enough, there was a bunch of people doing lines off the table, and it turned out they were on holiday in Vegas and came from South America. The casino employee told them that they couldn’t consume drugs at the casino. They seemed annoyed and snapped, “What do you mean? This is Vegas! Everything is supposed to be legal here!”. When they were informed that drugs were illegal in Sin City, they seemed unconvinced. “Come on, this is Vegas! Here, do a line with us!” they quipped.

3. An Old Women in a Wheelchair

A Vegas casino worker relates how he once saw an elderly lady in a wheelchair with an oxygen mask playing the slot machines like there’s no tomorrow. After a while, she scored a big win. Bells were ringing, lights were flashing, and the entire floor knew that something big had happened. The casino employees swarmed around her, and someone organised the necessary form-filling for her to sign. Everyone was watching in anticipation.

Surprisingly, the old lady was clearly unable to handle all the fanfare or simply didn’t want to, so her family members took over. The bells continued to ring, the lights still flashed, and the crowd was getting bigger by the moment. So, what does the old lady decide to do? She quietly wheels herself out of the mass and starts playing another slot machine as if nothing had happened. This was clearly a case of a senior citizen who couldn’t care less.

4. Casino Workers Who’ve Seen It All

It can be said that whoever has worked in a Vegas casino knows everything about human nature. Here are some of the crazy things seen by casino employees while on duty: a man injecting himself with insulin and leaving the syringe sticking from his leg for an hour because he thought it was a lucky charm; people urinating and defecating at the tables or slot machines because they refused to leave a game; people fainting after having sat for 36 hours straight at a slot machine; people getting furious at the paramedics for interrupting their winning streak; and even a man who died from a heart attack at a poker table.

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