Councillor Plays Down Kingsway Entertainment District Appeal

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A recently announced referendum on the future of the Kingsway Entertainment District will likely not go ahead since the city council has already voiced its view on the matter. 

Recently circulated news in Sudbury indicated that a local petition might be on the cards, asking the locals whether they would prefer the construction of a brand-new entertainment district or revamping the existing one.

However, the man behind the petition to hold a referendum, ward councillor Robert Kirwan, released new information suggesting that a referendum wouldn’t be held, after all, since the council already had the final say on the project.

No Referendum on the Cards

Councillor Robert Kirwan assured the public that there’s no chance that the petition which he is organising would be put to a referendum. Kirwan explained that a referendum is conducted only when the council is looking for public input regarding significant decisions. However, in this case, the officials already made up their minds and have opted for the development of the Kingsway Entertainment District at a new location.

The city council recently delegated Ian Wood, the director of Communications, Strategic Initiatives, and Citizen Service, to collaborate on the project with Gateway Casinos, the hotel administrators, and the land developer. This was to ensure that the new Kingsway Entertainment District will be ready by 2024. Preparations at the site are expected to commence before the end of the year.

Kirwan reiterated that the council has already decided that the project should move forward, and, as a result, a referendum would not be needed. He also clarified that if the council chose to proceed with a referendum, they wouldn’t require a petition to do that. Any council member could have introduced a referendum motion over the last four years of discussions.

However, no motion was ever presented to the council.  Ultimately, if a referendum was held, it would have had to take place before the final council decision. Kirwan concluded by mentioning why there is little chance for a petition to reach a referendum or be backed by the city council.

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