Canadian Horse Racing Hall of Fame Updates Details

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The Canadian Horse Racing Hall of Fame announced nominations and election process changes at its last annual general meeting.   

The Canadian Horse Racing Hall of Fame (CHRHF) recently held its annual general meeting, where changes regarding nominations and elections for 2022 and 2023 were announced. The organisation confirmed that it will accept the 2022 nominations until 19 August 2022, with additional details available on the company website.  

For the current year, the association informed that eight inductees would be nominated for this year’s CHRHF. Four of the eight will represent the standardbred category, while the remaining four will be representatives of the thoroughbred races. The 2022 Canadian Horse Racing Hall of Fame will be announced on 5 October.

CHRHF Changes for 2022/2023

According to the CHRHF, the changes relating to the timing and the number of inductees have been introduced to allow for the formal induction of the 2020 and 2021 classes at an induction gala. This event is scheduled to take place on 3 August, before the confirmation of the next class. Tickets for the gala went on sale on 1 May.

The organisation informed that nominations and election processes for the 2023 class would be returning to their traditional spring schedule. The class will be made up of four individuals from each breed, and all 2022 and 2023 participants named in the Hall will be inducted at the ceremony. The event will be held during the summer of 2023.

The CHRHF Board has also approved several committee changes for the 2022 nominations and elections. The changes include the naming of the current standardbred nomination committee director of digital communications, Jeff Porchak, as the new chair of the standardbred nomination committee. Porchak has been a member of the CHRHF standardbred election committee since 2018.

The latest appointment comes after Kathy Wade Vlaar’s resignation, with the organisation thanking her for her long-term commitment and dedication as a volunteer. Jeff Porchak’s current position will be filled by handicapper and racing journalist, Garnet Barnsdale, who has been a CHRHF standardbred voter since 2015. The CHRHF also welcomes Jean Kruse, Jennifer Anstey, and Jenn Buck as voters in 2022.

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