Caesars Windsor Might Reopen at 6% Capacity

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Caesars Windsor is implementing stage 3 safety protocols to reopen in a safe and orderly manner.

According to the latest blueprint for reopening of Caesars Windsor, special pods will be introduced within the casino area, allowing up to 50 players to enter at once and gamble inside for as long as they wish.  With the available space, this would allow up to 600 individuals to be in the casino at any one time, which will boost the current maximum number of people allowed inside.

Pods to Welcome up to 600 Gamblers

According to the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation plan, casinos are to be allowed to reopen gradually, with up to 50 individuals permitted on the premises at a time.  Furthermore, table games are not to resume during the first phase of the reactivation process.

The casino operators voiced their concern, stating that the restrictions on the number of visitors could not sustain the casino operations.  They estimated that the gaming revenue generated will not be sufficient for the sustainable running of the casinos, with the reopening doing more harm than good to the business.

In collaboration with the provincial government, the casino operators are seeking ways to gradually relaunch their operations and run them sustainably and profitably, with the pod system being one of the ideas presented for consideration.

How do Pods Work?

Each pod is designed to accommodate 50 slots players at a time.  Caesars Windsor can fit 12 pods across its floor area, hypothetically allowing up to 600 gamblers to be present in the casino at any given time.

With the knowledge that the volume of the casino can accommodate up to 10,000 patrons, this will mean that the casino will be running at a maximum of 6% capacity.  Of course, this is somewhat better than the original plan of 50 patrons at a time, which would amount to a mere 0,8% capacity.

The Windsor-Essex area was the last region of Ontario greenlighted to enter stage 3, allowing casinos and charitable gaming to reopen.  Caesars Windsor has confirmed that it has submitted its proposal to the provincial authorities and is awaiting their go-ahead to launch the plan, with the casino planning to reopen in the upcoming weeks.

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