Bill C-218 Officially Rubber-Stamped by Canadian Senate

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After years of failed attempts to legalise single-event sports betting, Bill C-218 has officially been approved by the Canadian Senate, paving the way for it to be granted royal assent.   

The Canadian Gaming Association (CGA) has good reason to celebrate this week, with the legislation that aims to legalise single-event sports betting one step closer to becoming law.  Bill C-218, initially introduced by Saskatoon Conservative MP, Kevin Waugh, was passed by the federal Senate without amendments, following its third and final reading.  It is believed that the new legislation will propel Canada’s gaming sector to new heights and make it more competitive.

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President of the Canadian Gaming Association, Paul Burns, stated that the bill’s passage is a colossal achievement and milestone for the country’s betting industry. Burns explained that the association had favoured the introduction of single-event betting for over ten years. According to him, the bill had been passed since the legislature fully understands the economic benefits that it will bring.

After the successful vote in the Senate, the association extended thanks to various government leaders, individuals, and organisations involved with the legal process. Notably, the association thanked Kevin Waugh, as the bill’s sponsor in the House of Commons, senator David Wells, as the legislation’s backer in the Senate, and Brian Masse, MP for Windsor West.

Additionally, the association recognised the effort put towards introducing single-event sports betting by Gord Brown, former MP from Leeds-Grenville-Thousand Islands and Rideau Lakes. Brown had been a massive supporter of the gambling change before his passing in 2018. The complete list of the supporting stakeholders for Bill C-218 will be made available on

CGA chairman, Carrie Kormos, stated that the launch of single-event sports betting in Canada would drastically improve local sports wagering offering. Kormos believes that the legislation would help the industry reeling from the effects of the ongoing pandemic.  Most of Canada’s casinos have been closed for the better part of the last 15 months due to various lockdowns and restrictions.

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