Best Places to Rub Shoulders With Celebrities in Las Vegas

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Las Vegas brims with all kinds of weird and wonderful characters, and it’s not uncommon to rub shoulders on a few occasions with celebrities.

Las Vegas is tempting for more than its frivolity. The desert city is an oasis of high life and all the thrills that you might have been postponing your entire life. And you needn’t look far before finding what you’ve come for! Peppered with casinos and hotels, the streets offer weary travellers many sumptuous pleasures.

And, if you wish to make your visit more memorable, keep your eyes peeled for the occasional brush with a celebrity. If you want to run into Britney Spears, Ed Sheeran, or an Elvis Presley lookalike, Las Vegas is a good starting point for you.

Here are a few favourite celebrity haunts in Sin City:

Omnia Nightclub (Caesars Palace)

If you think Caesars Palace is a celeb magnet, you are right. People who have been in the spotlight for most of their lives are readily drawn to the glitz and luxury of the Caesars brand. From restaurants that serve unique exotic meals to nightclub party hotbeds, Caesars offers you everything you’d ever need. The impeccable interiors guarantee nights full of excitement, quickly drawing in any nearby celebrities.

Nobu (Caesars Palace)

If you ever land up at Nobu, your chances of spotting a celeb are high. Nobu was co-founded by Robert De Niro, who has a flair for cooking and loves an occasional tasty bite. The interior is expansive and strewn with ash-hued sculptures adding to the Romanesque ambience.

The culinary exceptionality is guaranteed by chef Nobu Matsuhisa, whose name graces the entrance. And, if you want to run into a celeb, David Rockwell, Faith Hill, Jonah Hill, and the Beckhams have all been spotted here.

Bare (Mirage)

As you might have guessed, this is a swimming pool area spread across 14,000 square feet. The facility also allows its patrons to sunbathe topless if they so desire. Expectedly, this courtesy is not always available to everyone.

The celebrities will often opt for the VIP lounge, where a separate swimming pool allows everyone with deeper pockets to lie back and not worry about prying eyes. Several famous people have been spotted here, including Tommy Lee, Britney Spears, and even Slash! One wonders what Slash might be hiding underneath all that hair and hat!

Andrea’s (Wynn)

Stars, too, love a sound bite, and there’s no shame in that! The glitzy Andrea’s is a draw magnet for many peckish celebrities. The food comes courtesy of Joseph Elevados, and you will find the place abuzz with representatives of the highest echelons of society.

Andrea’s is well suited for satiating ravenous appetites and meeting celebs while enjoying a finger-licking meal that can be shared with friends. And, if you spot a famous loner standing out in the crowd, it could be an excellent opportunity to meet a new acquaintance.

Top Celeb Hotel Picks

Picking the right hotel to crash for the night could offer more great opportunities to bump into celebrities. The Hard Rock Hotel & Casino is high on our list. For one, Pamela Anderson and Chris Brown have often been spotted on the premises.

Fancy something different? Why not try the Palms Casino Resort, where Britney Spears has made several appearances in the past. The Palazzo Resort Hotel seems to be another excellent option for checking in. Alternatively, The Mirage Hotel will tempt you with Josh Duhamel.

While this is all fine, would you wish to spend the night in? Las Vegas is agog throughout the day, but it’s at night that things really heat up. After all, it’s Las Vegas, so it’s safe to assume that the temperature is north of the comfort zone!

If you are still undecided about picking the right time for your exploits, we’d recommend that Las Vegas nightlife be the option you should consider. With this in mind, you can commence your exploits as soon as the golden disk sets beyond the horizon and outside temperatures become more bearable.

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