BCLC Advises Local Players to Avoid Illegal Gambling Sites

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As the upcoming NFL football season approaches, the British Columbia Lottery Corporation has advised its bettors not to bet on illegal gambling sites. 

It’s almost time for yet another thrilling season of the NFL. In anticipation of the tournament commencing, the British Columbia Lottery Corporation (BCLC) reminded the local sports fans that PlayNow.com is the only regulated betting platform in the province. By playing through it, players directly contribute to the province’s welfare.

The BCLC is a Crown agency that oversees and conducts all legal gambling or lottery services in the province of British Columbia. Through its PlayNow platform, the BCLC offers locals online lottery and casino games. All the corporation’s revenue from gambling is reinvested into education, healthcare, and community programmes.

Disadvantages of Illegal Gambling Sites

Marie-Noëlle Savoie, BCLC Chief Compliance Officer and Vice President of Legal, indicated that hundreds of illegal gambling sites are running in the province. She warned sports fans that these websites don’t abide by provincial and federal laws and regulations that aim to protect players.

She further reminded that PlayNow operates in line with strict requirements to ensure that players are safe in their online gambling endeavours. For instance, the platform boasts technical integrity, age verification checks, and protection of personal information to ensure that player data is safe. This is unlike illegal gambling sites, where end users have almost no protection.

Savoie noted that the NHL and the NFL are among British Columbia sports bettors’ most popular sporting events. That is why the company wishes to provide the best betting experience for its players. She added that PlayNow is the only legal option for betting in the province, and all profits are reinvested into local community programmes.

On top of the security protocols, the platform also cares for players’ mental and physical health and provides resources for bettors to make informed gambling decisions. PlayNow users also have access to GameSense Advisors, who offer bettors online advice and support via telephone or chat in maintaining healthy play habits. This makes PlayNow one of only a few gambling platforms in North America to offer such a service.

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