Action Group Contests Kingsway Entertainment District Development

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Kingsway Entertainment District (KED) development continues to generate heated discussion, with an anti-KED group leading the charge.

The Kingsway Entertainment District continues to be the apple of discord in Greater Sudbury in 2022. Last week, the Minnow Lake Restoration Group, which filed for a legal review on the matter, requested that Ward 5 Councillor Robert Kirwan proves his legal interpretation of the cost-sharing arrangement for the project.

Last summer, the city council voted to proceed with KED development, a CA$100 million project based on the outskirts of the city. The site plans to include a CA$60 million Gateway Casinos venue, a hockey arena and a hotel. However, the project has faced many hurdles since its announcement a few years ago.

The Fight Continues

Last month, Robert Kirwan reaffirmed that all parties in the KED are legally bound to finalise their respective projects through their commitment to a cost-sharing agreement. Kirwan claimed his willingness to defend this statement in front of a judge. In light of this, the Minnow Lake Restoration Group has responded by requesting him to prove his case.

According to the non-profit organisation’s media release, the current matter will not feature any witnesses for examination or cross-examination. There will be three judges who will reach a decision based on evidence provided by the group and the City of Greater Sudbury, cross-examination of affidavits, factums, and examination for discovery.

The Minnow Lake Restoration Group has set up a location for Kirwan’s examination of discovery, which is scheduled to take place between 10 and 24 January. In the press release, the non-profit organisation invites the councillor to attend the examination and provide his input through a sworn statement. However, the group informed that Kirwan has not yet responded to their proposal.

When interviewed by a local media outlet, Kirwan explained that he does not open emails from the Minnow Lake Restoration Group or any other anti-KED association. He further noted that he ignores such emails and is unwilling to comment on their content. Kirwan also described the group’s push to have him prove his opinion as ridiculous.

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