8 Unique Christmas Gifts for Gamblers This Festive Season

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Ho, ho, ho!  Like it or not, it’s almost that time of the year when wrapping paper makes its way out of the cupboard, and the frantic search for the most appropriate Christmas gifts becomes our top priority.  So, what are the top Christmas gifts for gamblers this festive season? 

For those of you who have a gambler in your life, you might be wondering what the best gift for them this December would be.  With 2020 being a particularly challenging year, this festive season will provide the first opportunity in a while for many of us to relax and let our hair down.

Whether you are looking for something glitzy and exclusive, or a symbolic gift that will fit in the sock, there is something for everyone’s budget.  So, let’s spread some festive cheer with these gift ideas that will put a smile on any gambler’s face.

1. Roulette Cufflinks

Is your loved one is a man of class, who styles himself on James Bond in Casino Royale?  Nothing would showcase his dedication to roulette more than a pair of roulette cufflinks.  A miniature roulette wheel, encased in shiny stainless-steel cufflink, is a perfect gift for a man who knows his way around the casino VIP salons.

2. Boozy Roulette

No Christmas celebration is complete without a drop or few of the good stuff.  And, mixing games with alcohol is a sure way to have a jolly old time.  So, the next time you spin the roulette table with your loved ones, why not gamble with your tastebuds rather than the moolah?

3. Gambling Accessories

We’ve all received at some stage that stocking-filling pair of Christmas socks.  But why not spice up your accessories with a dash of gambling glamour this festive season?  Some of the ideas that spring to mind are a dice tie, a playing card bowtie, and even a jackpot-themed face mask.

4. Bathroom Accessories

Having a nice set of casino-themed bathroom accessories will prevent you from pinching a thing or two from the casino hotel bathroom the next time you stay there. A fantastic casino shower curtain dotted with four different card symbols is a must, or alternatively a casino playing cards bath towel and bath set.

5. Casino Watches

Master watchmaker Christophe Claret has launched a series of intricately designed gambling watches.  These beautiful timekeepers not only monitor the hours of the day, but also offer games on the go.  From poker and blackjack pieces to three-in-one baccarat, roulette and dice wristwatches, your mobile casino on the go is now accessible wherever you are.

6. Slot Machine

There’s no better way to bring a slice of Vegas to your loved one, than by gifting them a real-deal slot machine.  Although laying hands on you very own slot machine can be quite an expensive exercise, there are far cheaper replica slot coin banks that look pretty convincing, especially after a few snifters.

7. Casino Sets

With current Christmas season taking place in the shadow of the global pandemic, few of us have access to land-based casinos.  So, why not host your own casino evening?  Everyone can be part of a DIY casino shindig without ever having to leave home.  Home casino sets come standard with all the basics, such as a roulette wheel and balls, dice, imitation banknotes, chips, croupier sticks, cards mats and a rules book.

8. Casino Trip Tickets

While the current circumstances have prevented us from travelling, the present situation won’t last forever.  The ultimate gift for any gambler would be a holiday to Las Vegas, and with many travel agencies offering holiday packages with COVID-19 cover, why not book this for someone to look forward to soon?  You can throw in anything into the mix, from plane tickets to hotel accommodation, as well as vouchers to sue on the casino floor.

With so many top Christmas gifts for gamblers to choose from, we hope that some of our gift suggestions caught your eye.  Remember, whatever you do, stay safe and have an unforgettable and happy festive season full of memories and good cheer.

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